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Last update: 27 June 2009

MWCC: Mac Web Control Center

MWCC is a tiny PHP framework to control your Mac via web. It presents live information and allows actions, mainly using Applescript.
This can be used to start/stop desktop actions on a computer running in server-mode (i.e. with no mouse and keyboard attached).
Some screenshots are available (the CSS can be easily customized if you don't like it ^^).

At the moment, MWCC contains the following widgets: Important: MWCC cannot be served by the system Apache webserver, you will need something that runs as your logged-in user, like MAMP. Moreover for security reasons, MWCC should not be accessible from the internet. For more informations see the README file.

Suggestion for new widgets or any other comment is welcom on the forum or by contacting me directly.
MWCC is a project by Marco Primi
Pure CSS rounded corners by Spiffy

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